“Regular physical activity lasting 45 minutes three to five times a week can reduce poor mental health” – reported in The Lancet this week.

Had great fun trying out electric bikes at Countryfile Live, Blenheim Palace this weekend.

Come and join me on the new Surrey Hills Bike Trail. Travel to Haslemere station with your bike on the train and I’ll meet you.

Don’t let the school holidays scupper your fitness plans. Get the kids involved too. They’ll love it, and it gets them on the right track going forward.

Okay, so it’s not coming home! Never mind, let’s all keep practicing our own skills and enjoying our training programmes. Why not change your programme for the next 6 weeks? It’s always a good idea to have plenty of variety in any fitness regime.


In the news this week: “Give your bones a workout, public told”…….activities offering the most benefit include Nordic Walking! Come and give it a go!

A thrilling day at Wimbledon! Watching top quality sport can encourage us all to keep on training, and be the best we can be in our own lives.

Lyme disease affects 1000 people each year in the UK. The tick-borne infection can develop into serious illness. Even though it’s blue sky and hot, leggings are a good idea on grassy, bracken heaths, particularly in the south of England.

A fitness trail around a lake. 10 stops with a different exercise at each station.

It’s National Bike week! So a number of clients are getting fit and having fun on bikes. If you’ve never tried cycling then give us a call and try a session on one of our bikes.