Heavy rain this week. How about an exercise machine at home? I’ve replaced the dining table with an exercise bike. Here’s to kitchen suppers!

Do your training sessions include stamina work, agility and flexibility intervals and are they fun? Ours tick all those boxes – get involved!

A fantastic run with a client in the snow. Dangerous? Not if you wear microspikes. Exhilarating!

Pre-season training in a warmer climate can be a very good idea at this time of year. Want to know more? Get in touch

My client Jeremy and his team have just skied the height of Everest, in the Swiss Alps, raising thousands of pounds for charity. Despite blizzards and very low temperatures they made it. However, it would have been impossible without the hours of training preparation put in before the event. Well done team!

Exmoor ponies in the Devil’s Punchbowl today, sheltering under the trees. Do they know that snow’s on the way?

Lighter and dryer days provide more opportunity to train outside. Use street and park furniture to create a worthwhile workout.


Another challenging Nordic Walking session. Hard to believe sometimes that we are only 50 minutes by train from London.